Stanley Kou

For more than two decades, Stanley has been deeply engaged in public education and community advancement. As a classroom teacher, school principal, ​software ​engineering manager, and parent, he recognizes the fundamental value of education for strong communities and a thriving economy. While teaching, Stanley saw the direct impact of policy decisions on his students, and he learned first-hand how to work directly with educators, students, and families. Parents know their children best, and their voices guide his work.

Stanley is committed to strengthening our schools, promoting academic excellence, and advancing opportunit​y ​in FUHSD. Maintaining excellence in our schools makes our communities excellent places to raise children. Sustaining excellence demands that our schools attract and retain outstanding teachers and provide opportunities for all students to become contributing citizens for our community, the nation, and the world.

Having earned two Master's Degrees--one in Computer Science ​and an MBA--Stanley understands the power of education and how to get the most out of limited resources. He will ensure that every dollar of taxpayer money supports our students. ​Our schools must provide​ resources t​o ​effectively prepare ​students with 21st​-​century education. ​Students will gain technolog​ical​​ expertise​ and​ team​ skills​. They will succeed with access to tutoring, internships,​ and​ ​​information about emerging fields such as clean green tech​. All this will keep our high school​​s among the top school districts in the​ country​.

A vote for Stanley is a vote for excellence and opportunity in FUHSD.​​